About Us

Since 2012, we have been striving to building a better tomorrow.

About Us

Established in 2012 with headquarters in Shenzhen, China, Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited is a pioneering technology company, combining leading-edge software and third-party hardware with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to develop an open-source product that supports the future of autonomous driving.

Founded by Mr Cheng Jun, Autotech Co utilizes biological intelligence recognition, deep learning architecture and other core AI technologies to develop its signature product.

Autotech Co achieves its vision of becoming a market-leading provider of autonomous-driving software throughout China and beyond. We believe in a better and brighter future.

Autotech Co is driven to develop its autonomous driving ‘machine vision’ software, which is part of the key integrated system serving as the ‘brain’ for self-driving vehicles. Tapping into an extensive history working with artificial intelligence and data analytics, Autotech Co is striving to deliver market-leading autonomous driving software to help automakers, truck makers and tech-startup companies make self-driving vehicles a reality.

Autotech Co believes that the autonomous driving phenomenon will completely change the way that modern infrastructure operates and will generate limitless opportunities for smart cities across the globe.

Autonomous driving software will completely change the way we live, making roads safer and more efficient, and lowering CO2 fuel emissions which will in return, create a greener planet for our future generations.



After several years of research and market analytics, we came to believe that autonomous driving technology will change the modern world and become a trillion-dollar industry, with China commanding the biggest market share.

We, therefore, set out on a challenge to develop the market-leading ‘machine vision’ software with the goal that we will integrate our software to control Level-5 autonomous vehicles, from cars to trucks, throughout the China and the Asia region.

Autotech Co autonomous vehicle ‘machine vision’ software development project Theia AI is born.


Autotech Co has collaborated with a third-party tech-supplier who have developed a prototype artificial intelligence computing chip which will ‘train’ autonomous vehicle algorithms and facilitate the development of future-connected vehicles.

We plan to incorporate our own ‘machine vision’ software called Theia AI with the AI chip.


After continued R&D, data analytics, and further development and testing of Theia AI and the artificial intelligence chip integration, Autotech Co receives USD 13 million in seed funding for team expansion and further product development and research.


Autotech Co successfully builds a working prototype of Theia AI and will combine this with the third-party AI chip to begin testing with our in-house autonomous vehicles.


Autotech Co receives USD 35 million in extra funding for further expansion with the company’s aim to release our market-leading ‘machine vision’ software Theia AI by late 2021.

Theia AI Technology

Our Theia AI software analyses the vehicles surrounding environment, allowing state-of-the-art Level-5 autonomy.

Our software combines with the vehicles multiple sensors to provide complete data visualisation of the surrounding 3D environment.