Our Vision

We are bringing tomorrows world, one step closer.

Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited

Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited analysis and market intelligence predicted that autonomous vehicles could, at some point, take over most of the automotive market across China, with the nation potentially becoming the world’s leading force in the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry by 2021.

With autonomous vehicles steering China's automotive industry into a global leadership position, driverless taxis through to automated logistic trucks will also transform the nature of on-road travel across the country and around the world in the process.

Autotech Co believes that autonomous vehicles will also provide a solution to some of the infrastructure challenges that China faces. Currently on average, commuters across the country spend around 1.3 hours per day travelling to and from work.


With autonomous vehicles, commuters will benefit from shared-mobility, which will reduce the number of vehicles on the road and also reduce congestion on public transport. These commuters will no longer spend their time commuting, instead, they will get back that time which is truly a blessing and an opportunity for human potential to flourish.

Furthermore, should the autonomous vehicles be powered by renewable energy (green electric or hydrogen), this will also help the country reduce pollution through lower vehicle emissions. Finally, Autotech Co wholeheartedly believes that a world filled with autonomous vehicles will contribute to safer roads by drastically reducing injuries and fatalities caused by road accidents.

We believe

Autotech Co believes that China’s market for autonomous vehicles will present considerable amounts of opportunities to local automakers, international companies, technology giants through to tech-start-up companies like our own. Within this combination of opportunity, Autotech Co believes that autonomous vehicle companies (from component suppliers to mobility service engineers) could earn trillions in revenue for China.

Following our in-depth core research across the AV industry, Autotech Co was established with the concept of building its market-changing ‘machine vision’ software to integrate with self-driving vehicle systems, making autonomous driving a reality and changing the world we live in today.