Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited has collaborated with another tech-start-up who have developed an artificial intelligence chip which delivers high-performance, energy-efficient computing for AI-powered autonomous driving.

Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited’s ‘machine vision’ software will integrate with the AI-chip to provide a full-stack solution for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers for autonomous vehicle development. 

“We have collaborated with a respected tech-start-up to integrate their AI-chip with our machine vision software resulting in an innovative full-stack offering for all autonomous vehicle manufacturers,” said Mr. Yuan Wuhan, Chief Technology Officer at Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited. “The AI-chip is at prototype stage right now, however, we have seen its capabilities already, and we are very excited about our collaboration with this technology” he added. 

The AI computing chip will ‘train’ autonomous vehicle algorithms and with Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited’s vision software, the smart collaboration is sure to allure AV manufacturers from across the globe. “Our main aim now is to secure extra funding to assist with company expansion and further research and development for our AV vision software.” Advised Mr. Cheng Jun, Chief Executive Officer at Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited.  

Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited have now reached out to hedge funds, venture capitalists and other financial institutions to secure the extra capital for their growth plans. 

Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited believes that China’s market for autonomous vehicles will present considerable amounts of opportunities to local automakers, international companies, technology giants through to tech-start-up companies. With their autonomous machine vision software, they will change the world for our future generations.