Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited was established at the start of the year to develop market-dominating autonomous vehicle software for the Chinese and Asian marketplace.  

After years of analysis and market intelligence which predicted that the autonomous vehicles could take over most of the automotive industry in China, creating limitless opportunities for local and national companies and earn the country trillions in revenue, Mr. Cheng Jun, Chief Executive Officer at Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited, decided it was his goal to build a team of technical professionals to develop innovative autonomous vehicle ‘machine vision’ software which integrates with both Lidar and Radar technology.  

“I believe that autonomous vehicles will not only provide tens of thousands of job opportunities for my fellow countrymen, it will also clean-up our roads, our commuter congestion, lower road accidents and create a greener environment for our future generations.” Said Mr. Cheng Jun, the company Chief Executive Officer, in a recent press conference. “I have, therefore established my business, gathered a small team of likeminded and highly experienced technical talent with the aim of becoming a dominant player in this soon to be trillion dollar industry in China.” He added. 

The planned software will integrate with both Lidar and Radar technology and work as the ‘brain’ of the autonomous vehicle, using the sensory system data to identify the 360-degree landscape around the self-drive vehicle. It will monitor all the major components required for autonomous driving, including sensing, visual mapping, moving objects, scene semantics, and driving policy.  

“Our software will predict the movements of everything around the autonomous vehicle providing a flawlessly safe journey for all passengers involved” Said Mr Cheng Jun. “We are also aiming to develop the software for Level-5 autonomy for logistics companies as well.” He concluded. 

Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited are already working towards a first-release prototype which is predicted for release in early 2015.