Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited has announced that after further R&D, data analytics and extensive development and testing of the ‘Theia AI’ software product integrated with the third-party AI-chip, they have now received the seed funding needed for the company expansion plans.

“We are delighted with the extra capital we have received from our new business partners and are very much looking forward to expanding our existing team.” Said Mr. Cheng Jun, Chief Executive Officer in a press conference. “Our next aim is to release a fully working prototype of the Theia AI software and begin testing it with our in-house autonomous fleet of cars.” He added. “We are aiming to have the prototype fully completed within the next two years, and the full testing phase initiated.” 

Theia AI will be fully developed machine vision software which provides autonomous vehicles with the computer intelligence required to negotiate complex driving situations. Theia AI will be able to understand what is going on around it and can predict what may happen in the future. Theia AI will monitor the five major components of autonomous driving:

• Sensing – determining the drivable area and its delimiters 
• Visual Mapping – the geometry of the routes within the drivable area 
• Moving Objects – all road users within the drivable area 
• Scene Semantics – visual cues (explicit or implicit) such as traffic lights, traffic signs, turn indicators, pedestrian gaze direction, road markings and more. 
• Driving Policy – laws of the road

Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited is developing autonomous vehicle software to contribute to safer roads and provide a greener world for our future generations.