Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited has released a full-working prototype of their Theia AI software, and with the integration of the third-party artificial intelligence chip, they have begun testing on their in-house fleet of autonomous vehicles.  

“We have reached a very exciting moment in the development lifecycle of our Theia AI software.” Said Mr. Cheng Jun, Chief Executive Officer at Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited in a recent press conference. “We have finally released a full working prototype of our vision software and have begun testing with our own autonomous vehicles.” He added. “We still have a lot of work ahead of us, however, at this stage, the initial tests are proving very impressive, and I am extremely proud of my team and what we have achieved so far.”

Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited have a long path ahead of them. They are now seeking further funding to achieve the final-release of the Theia AI software. Following this, Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited will be seeking to collaborate with automotive companies for market-growth opportunities across China and the Asia region. 

Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited believes that China’s market for autonomous vehicles will present considerable amounts of opportunities to local automakers, international companies, technology giants through to other tech-start-up companies. Within this combination of opportunity, Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited believes that autonomous vehicle companies (from component suppliers to mobility service engineers) could earn trillions in revenue for China and Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited wants to be a dominant player in this lucrative industry.