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Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited

Our Investor Relations page provides interested parties with the latest information and updates on Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited and our software product Theia AI.

Autotech Co is creating a world where travel is safer, greener and time is more available! We are using cutting-edge software, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to develop our open-source ‘machine vision’ software ‘Theia AI’ which will support the future of autonomous vehicles.

We believe our ‘machine vision’ software will generate limitless opportunities for local communities and international smart cities across the globe, generating trillions of dollars in revenue. It will also provide a life-changing world through safer roads and lower air pollution for our future generations.

In September 2016, following the continued development of Theia AI and the collaboration with a third-party tech-supplier to use their artificial intelligence (AI) computing chip, Autotech Co received USD 13 million in seed funding from institutional investors which the company put towards further advanced R&D and market intelligence, software engineering and the hiring of more employees.

We successfully built a working prototype of Theia AI in 2018. After combining with the third-party AI chip, we began testing with our own in-house autonomous vehicles.

In July 2019, Theia AI received USD 35 million from hedge funds, venture capitalists and institutional investors to further continue our research and market analysis and strive towards a final-release of Theia AI. Mr Cheng Jun, Chief Executive Officer of Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited, has confirmed that the final-release of Theia AI and expected launch date around late 2021.

This Investor Relations page is periodically reviewed and updated, however, should you need to contact us for more information about our company, products or general enquiries, please feel free to reach out to our designated member of staff who will happily assist you.

Investor Relations

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