At Autotech Co, we deliver positive results where it matters most, within the communities that need us.


Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited is a technology start-up company developing autonomous vehicle software which will contribute to safer roads and provide a greener world for our future generations.

Our autonomous vehicle software makes our roads safer by assisting with the reduction of vehicle-related injuries and fatalities. In a world where 94% of accidents are influenced by driver error, our software will play a crucial role in preventing road accidents altogether.

Our software also contributes to the development and adoption of increased renewable energy vehicles which in return reduces CO2 emissions and boosts fuel economy, thus resulting in a world with less pollution.

We predict

Autotech Co predicts a future that guarantees no more traffic accidents and zero CO2 emissions in the air. It’s a future made possible by our autonomous vehicle ‘machine vision’ software which will save lives and improve our planet.

Autotech Co’s commitment to sustainability goes well beyond our safe and ‘green’ software – it starts with what powers our company: our people.

At Autotech Co, our employee engagement surveys continue to place clarity of our mission highest among our cultural qualities, adding to our more sustainable culture and enhancing world-class performance business-wide.

Our Culture

Our culture represents a system of organisational values and beliefs, which serves as a common denominator for uniting our diverse workforce and guiding how we recruit, promote, and reward our best employees.

Here at Autotech Co, we invest in a training and development curriculum to ensure our employees have sufficient resources for empowered careers. We also insist on offering holistic incentives to our workforce, enhancing career development strategies with competitive compensation.

The enthusiasm our employees share to make the world a safer and greener place doesn’t just stop when they finish work. It also extends to the local communities in which we live and work and is reflected in the many hours of volunteering our people have engaged in each year.